IECC Employment Programs offer the following employment services to all members of communities and new immigrants:

-          Support of unemployed and low-skilled candidates by helping them to obtain essential, transferable and certified skills to increase their employability skills such as  communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, enterprise planning and organizing, self-management, self-learning and technology, to acquire essential skills and occupation-related skills required in the local labour market, to enable them to find and maintain good-paying jobs, to become financially self-sufficient and to gain Industry or sector certification.  This is a 2-weeks program that includes classroom / web-based training, exam and certification followed by a job placement with selected employers in areas of health and safety industry, telecommunications, cybersecurity, hospitality and beverages, sales, customer service, information technology, education and financial industries.

-          Provide employment services to unemployed people, who have been impacted by job loss due to Covid-19 pandemic /or lack of skills and experience in field or sector that make it difficult to find employment.  Our services are also offered to clients who are interested in making a career transition.

Our programs are designed for applicants in receipt of Income Support and Employment Insurance. The series of specialized workshops and one-to-one meetings are used to prepare candidates for transition to new employment. At the end of each training, the candidates will be matched with a potential employment opportunity in the field of training.  Clients will have access to direct employment placement and supports, job matching and work experience.   At the time of application, all candidates must be unemployed or be working in a low-skilled occupation or working as an apprentice.